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Vinetribe’s main mission is to make wine more accessible for everyone. They offer subscription-based products that allow users to start learning and exploring with curated boxes, interactive tastings, and gamification.

4 months
Marketplace and LMS

The Challenge:

Vinetribe is a wine subscription service that makes it easy for anyone to start learning and exploring with curated boxes and interactive tastings. They had already proven the concept of MVP, but they needed to switch to a new system and build a more robust and scalable product that could handle all their users, as well as new features that were based on the customer feedback they received.

The Solution:

We worked together with Vinetribe to create a marketplace for their wine subscription service using no-code development. We handled this project by first having a design phase to include all the user journeys and clients' wishes. In the development phase, we had weekly meetings with the client on the project scope and, after delivery, we tested it with 30-50 users and migrated all users.

During the testing phase, we received lots of user feedback and made improvements to the product accordingly.

“Decodifi’s team responded very well to our needs - they could quickly outline what was feasible, what the options were and a recommended course of action. They really understood the purpose of what we were trying to build so could contextualise the requests accordingly and understand what was important and higher priority vs. what was less important”



Defined project’s scope

Design ph 1:

Branding and graphic design


Design ph 2:

Journeys and screens

App Development:

Decodifi no-code build


Beta Testing:

Test with 30-50 users

Product iteration:

Changes based on user’s feedback


Next steps:

Building a PWA

The Result:

Now, Vinetribe is live, and new users join the platform every day! Tom and Nathan, founders of Vinetribe, say that according to users' feedback, they really enjoy the new system, learning journey, and simplicity of the platform. The next steps for Vinetribe include building a Progressive Web App (PWA) as well as releasing an app in app stores for iPhone and Android devices.

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