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Fatherli is an app that supports, connects and empowers dads. With access to expert advice, forums and content in a range of categories, the fatherli app gives dads the tools to support their parenting journey.

Time: 8 weeks
Industry: Parenting
Dr. Mia Eisenstad, Co Founder, Fatherli

The challenge

The problem Fatherli wanted to solve was that fathers often feel isolated when it comes to parenting. There are many resources out there for mothers—but very few for fathers. Fatherli wanted to provide a space where fathers could get support with their parenting questions and well-being issues, just as mothers do. They also wanted to create an environment where more people could connect with other dads who were going through similar experiences.

The solution:

Decodifi worked closely with Fatherli throughout the process of building their mobile app: we began by understanding what they wanted from their app, then created wireframes, mockups and prototypes using those as a guide, and then built out the MVP1 of the app according to their specifications on time and within budget.

The Fatherli app is now a modern support system that empowers dads to connect with other fathers from all over the world, share their experiences, and find support and encouragement from a community of like-minded individuals.

“The app has only been live for a few weeks, but the general reception has been promising and full of potential, much to the client's delight. The team was highly responsive, and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with Decodifi’s communication skills and commitment to success.¨

Dr. Mia Eisenstad, Co Founder, Fatherli

Idea generation

Identified gap in the market

Problem definition

Decodifi Discovery sessions


Strategic objectives

Decodifi product workshops

Design phase

Wireframes and journeys


MVP1 Development

Decodifi no-code build

Beta testing

MVP1 testing


Product iteration

Changes based on user’s feedback

The result:

We were able to meet Fatherli’s team needs by creating the first version of the Fatherli app within 8 weeks, at a cost of less than 15k pounds. We used Bubble, the leading no-code development platform to make sure that we stayed within budget while still creating an app that was functional and easy to use.

During the first few weeks of the launch of the application, Fatherli received a growing number of active users and positive feedback. The main goal now is to work on users' feedback and engagement and use those insights to create Fatherli's MVP2 ( Minimum Viable Product 2)

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