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Armago is the free club management platform for university sports clubs. It makes club management simple and helps student sports thrive.

Time: 6 weeks
Industry: Sports
Mark Bushby, Founder, Armago

The challenge

Mark Bushby founded Armago in 2019 with a vision to make it easier for people to get involved in sports wherever they are. When we met them, they had already been through two iterations of their MVP but had yet to find product market fit.

Using the feedback from previous versions, they needed to build a third MVP quickly and efficiently so they could test it with customers and see if their idea was worth pursuing and if they could get the further investment they needed to take the idea to the next level.

The solution:

With our experience as developers, startup mentors, and investors, we helped Armago see beyond the app they wanted to develop.

We focused on ensuring the new version of the product is built to service the needs of customers - and then measure its success during pilot phases by collecting key metrics about usage patterns that would help show investors how much potential there was in this idea.

We helped them take a step back and look at the purpose of the MVP and the end goals.

“The development itself was quick, and well managed with regular calls and show & tell sessions. It was delivered on time and within budget and we are delighted with the results. It’s exciting to see the users start to populate the app and bring it to life.”

Mark Bushby, Founder, Armago

1st MVP

Missing product-market fit

2nd MVP

Missing product-market fit


New product vision definition

Decodifi discovery phase

3rd MVP

Decodifi development


Investment raised

£40k raised

Updates to MVP

Based on users feedback


Market growth

Reached 35 Sports clubs

+600 users

The result:

Using no-code development, we built the new Armago app in just six weeks achieving twice the functionality of their previous versions with 1/4 of the budget.

The Armago app is now being used by over 35 clubs across England and has more than 600 active users, raising £40k pounds from investors and allowing the Armago team to scale up significantly over recent months!

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