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Angel track

AngelTrack is a tool for Angel Investors to manage their investments and track their growth. It allows for enhanced and regular communication between founders and investors.

Time: 4 weeks
Industry: Investment
Darren Shaw, Co-founder, Angeltrack

The challenge

Darren Shaw, co-founder of AngelTrack was looking to build a single application that would allow Angel Investors to better manage their investments, track tax forms and shareholder documents, and make sure that they did not miss deadlines on the beneficial EIS&SEIS tax advantages attached to many investments.

He also wanted a platform that would allow investors to communicate with founders more frequently so that startups could get the best from their network of investors and grow faster, which he knew couldn't happen without quicker and more regular contact between founders and investors.

The solution:

We started by reversing back from the application and spent time looking at Angel Track's vision, the problems they were trying to solve, the customer outcomes they needed to achieve, and how we might achieve those things. From there, we did multiple product workshops over a three-to-four-week period testing our hypotheses on external parties. This led us to create wireframes for our desired customer journeys and wireframes for the app. 

“Having a development partner that understands startups and sees beyond the actual code and app they are writing is a huge benefit. Iteration and flexibility are key to getting the right product developed and having a team that questioned our design and suggested enhancements during the build was crucial”

Darren Shaw, Co-founder, Angeltrack

Idea generation

Identified gap in the market

Problem definition

Decodifi Discovery session


Strategic objectives

Decodifi product workshops

Design phase

Wireframes and journeys


MVP Development

Decodifi No-code build

Beta testing

Testing by beta users


Product iteration

Changes based on user’s feedback

The result:

We used's no-code ecosystem to get a robust app out to test on a budget of less than £15k, along with a reduced timescale to market. We had the first MVP in the hands of the first cohort of users within 4 weeks. 

We have been able to quickly iterate on the product by using no-code tools, and now we are getting it into the hands of beta testers. The main goal at this point is to work with users' feedback and use those insights as a guide for improving the application to attract more angel investors/founders to use it. 

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