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Digital Transformation

Hubspot MVP 2.0

A few months ago, we collaborated with HubSpot’s Nordic Sales Division to develop the first MVP for an internal productivity tool. Based on user feedback, we conducted several iterative cycles to enhance this digital transformation tool.

Time: 8 days
Industry: Software
Hubspot's Nordic Sales Division

The challenge: 

When Hubspot's Nordic Sales Division was looking for a way to help their sales team improve their performance, they reached out to us. Our no-code development approach was the perfect fit for the division's requirements:  it facilitated rapid deployment of an MVP, user testing, and design iterations— all without the need to establish an internal team of developers. 

After some months using the interactive sales playbook, HubSpot needed to scale the platform, enhance its capabilities, and incorporate changes based on user feedback. Initially, the system was designed and developed for a single team. This team demonstrated remarkable results and became a leader among other teams in their department. This was the starting point for the final version.

The Solution: 

We engaged in discussions with team leaders within the company who expressed interest in adopting the platform for their teams. Following adjustments to the system and adoption by numerous teams along with their feedback, we decided to move forward with a larger development phase. 

During this new phase, we reimagined the app's design, introduced new features, enhanced its professionalism, and engaged a designer to focus on creating an intuitive user-friendly interface. We also translated the platform into four languages and introduced an admin panel, allowing users to manage their teams and performance data with greater ease.

Thank you. It's beautiful. MVP 2.0 is fantastic!

Hubspot's Nordic Sales Division

MVP1 Development:

Decodifi’s no-code build

User Testing:

Adoption by teams


Getting feedback:

Meeting team leaders

Development phase:

Platform’s re-design 


New features:

Admin panel

Platform usage:

Increased team’s performance


Next steps:

Expanding platform’s reach

The Result: 

Currently, various teams and managers within HubSpot's Sales Division are actively using the system and experiencing improved outcomes. They continue to demonstrate substantial growth in conversion rates and performance metrics. The next steps for the platform involve extending its reach to UK and American teams (currently under development, including functionality to display prices in pounds and dollars), expanding the admin panel's features, and introducing  two additional languages.

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