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Activate is an all-in-one dyslexia app designed to be the most fun and effective way for dyslexics to improve their reading and spelling.

Time: 12 weeks
Industry: Education

The challenge: 

When we started working with Activate, they were looking to create an app based on the feedback they got from MVP1 and MVP2 that would be ready for growth and used worldwide. 

The challenge for their new MVP was to create a system that would be easy to manage using an LMS (Learning Management System)

The Solution: 

To make an app that would be ready for global use, we had to take a few steps back and make sure that the LMS system was flexible enough to handle the challenges of managing content.

To address this challenge, we had project sessions with the Activate team to define key functionality for both the app and the LMS. We then had internal discussions with our CTO on database structure so that we could make sure the system would be ready for big numbers of users, and it would also perform well.

After development and testing of cohort A, we made some adjustments according to users’ feedback and released the final version of the product. 

“The team's speed, the price, and the people are impressive in the workflow! We are very impressed with the all-round service that Decodifi provides"


MVP 1 and 2

Idea validation and traction

New challenge

LMS development


Project sessions

Re-define key functionalities

Development phase

Decodifi no-code build


Testing and feedback

Cohort A testing

Product release

New Activate LMS system


Next Steps

Expand to new markets

The Result: 

We are excited to have worked with Activate to create their third MVP. We created an LMS system that is flexible where admins can easily add different types of lessons, stories, teachings and change images and wordings per every exercise type. The app is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and validation of certain exercises is done via AI. This helps users learn at their own pace and gives them feedback on how they can improve. 

Next steps include implementing final changes in the app based on the feedback from user testing before making it available for worldwide use. We're proud of what we've accomplished together—and we hope Activate can help dyslexics to improve their reading and spelling in a fun and engaging way! 

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