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Digital Transformation


Hubspot’s Nordic Sales Division was looking for a digital solution that would make it easier to identify potential client's needs and improve productivity.

Time: 8 days
Industry: Software
Andrew Whelan, Sales Manager, Hubspot Nordics Division

The challenge:

The Hubspot Sales Division is responsible for selling the services from Hubspot and acquiring new customers. They needed to create an interactive sales playbook to support their sales process that could solve these problems:

-Ensure that the prospect gave and responded to all the questions within the information-gathering presentation without the sales rep having to memorise them. 

-Make sure that the prospect's answers could be openly noted during the presentation.

-Guarantee that some responses could be used to algorithmically ensure that the prospect was presented with the best combination of products to fulfil their business needs at the next tailored demonstration.

-Provide a copy of the completed presentation for the client to review their responses and check any conclusions made.

-Storage of the presentation for audit and training purposes.

The solution:

Our approach was the perfect model of the “lean startup” methodology. Irrespective of whether this was a start-up or a digital transformation project within a large organisation, the customer had identified a problem that building this application could solve and they needed to get this solution into the hands of users to test it.

We were able to start showing real results and transforming the sales presentation into an interactive tool using the advantages of short build time and affordable prices that no-code development allows. With Bubble, there was no heavy budget wasted on server provision or complex security frameworks, allowing us to create a fully functional interactive platform for testing customer ideas.

“We just finished the project and I am excited to launch it with my team and others. The feedback is very positive. Very professional team and the work is top class. No problem making changes or re-iterations. Very flexible team..”

Andrew Whelan, Sales Manager, Hubspot Nordics Division

Idea generation

Identified opportunity for improvement 

Problem definition

Decodifi Discovery sessions


Strategic objectives

Decodifi product workshops

Design phase

Wireframes and interfaces


MVP1 Development

Decodifi no-code build

Beta testing

Testing by sales team


Pilot phase

Testing with real customers

The result:

Using no-code development tools, we build the Sales Playbook in just 8 days at less than £5,000. This allowed our client to present a fully working solution to his managers and sales team to test it, validate the idea and see if it delivered value. The initial feedback from the management and the sales team was very positive. Some small initial changes have been implemented based on their early feedback, and the product will go into a pilot phase with customers where it will be evaluated to see how successful it is, and also go through rapid iteration cycles to improve it based on real user feedback.

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