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Digital Transformation


AL-FAITRY needed a bespoke CRM system to meet the needs of their Call Centre team. We collaborated with them to understand their unique requirements and develop an application that would simplify their business management.

Time: 12 weeks
Industry: Home improvement
AL-FAITRY Trading and Building Maintenance

The challenge: 

When AL-FAITRY Trading and Building Maintenance first approached us, they faced a significant challenge: they wanted to launch a CRM system for their call centre agents to streamline business operations. To accomplish this, they required specific functionalities that other CRM systems couldn't provide. They aimed to build a system that could cater to the needs of both their managers and call centre agents.

The Solution: 

After initial meetings to discuss AL-FAITRY's requirements for their new CRM system and how we could assist them in realising their vision, we created wireframes and designs for the system. We then commenced work on the no-code development of the tool. This approach allowed us to customise and iterate the system based on feedback from managers as they tested it.

The new CRM system enables the team to track client orders, update job statuses, generate PDF invoices, and more. Because it was built using no-code development, it was highly customisable. This flexibility allowed us to make improvements based on feedback from users.

AL-FAITRY Trading and Building Maintenance

Idea generation

Identified opportunity for improvement 

Problem definition

Decodifi Discovery sessions


Strategic objectives

Decodifi product workshops

Design phase

Wireframes and interface


MVP 1 Development

Decodifi no-code build

Beta testing

Testing by call centre team


Next steps

Iteration based on feedback

The Result: 

After implementing the new system, we’ve found  that it has been incredibly successful for the AL-FAITRY team. They are delighted with how much more efficient they have become with this new tool. The new CRM system is integrated with payment gateways, offers online GPS tracking, facilitates WhatsApp messaging, includes invoicing tools, custom calendars, and even boasts a mobile version for teams. 

In addition to receiving positive feedback regarding its user-friendliness, we have identified areas for improvement and are actively working on implementing changes and new functionalities in the coming weeks to build upon this successful launch.

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